A la carte

Frozen Vichyssoise with big shrimps and parsley baccon haddock     25 €


Gourmet duck salad

(thinly sliced somked duck breast and dish foie gras)                          26 €


Plate of two duck foie gras dish and pan-fried                                     27 €




Grilled mullet filet, fennel, iced vegetable muslin with rapeseed oil    26 €


Turbot and scallopand young vegetables with Vermouth                    27 €


Fish tagliatelles from the market and seafood, 

cream of peppers flavoured with dill                                                   27 €




5A tripe sausages with mustard accompanied with vegetables             23 €


The butcher’s piece of beef with two sauces

(topping of the day)                                                                              26 €


French beef tenderloin with morels, butter mashed potatoes              28 €   


3 market meats with two sauces (Fourme d’Ambert and Bordelaise),

New potatoes with herbs and thyme                                                    30 €




The great board of the fishmonger                                                      30 €


The great board of the butcher                                                            30 €

Logis Hôtel Restaurant Le Jardin Délice proche Montluçon
6, rte de Paris 03410 Saint Victor

Arrivée : À partir de 14h00
Départ : Jusqu'à 11h00